Piedade Group seeks sustainability throughout its processes, from sourcing of the raw material - to the forest – and ending with waste management.
With Cork, it is true that nothing is wasted... everything is utilised.



This is one of the essential pillars of sustainability developed by the Group. The cork oak forest, a cradle of biodiversity in flora and fauna, is still the mainstay of culture and a source of income for households and industries.
The ability to absorb carbon makes this forest an active agent in the fight against the greenhouse effect, combined with a unique ability to retain water. Thus, the forest enables soil conservation and combats desertification.


All cork wood that is used for production of cork stoppers fully satisfies the functions of the 3 R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.

- The cork wood which does not meet the strict specifications for the production of natural cork stoppers is automatically sent to the industry of agglomerated cork.
- By-products resulting from the production of natural cork stoppers are dealt with in the same manner

- Agglomeration of quality cork is used to produce new stoppers
- The cork powder resulting from the production process is reused either in the pore fill of colmated cork stoppers, or as energy for ovens and boilers.

- The consumption of thermal energy through boilers that utIlise heat exchangers to transfer heat between water
- Water consumption, by cleansing it through complex filtration systems