Piedade Group seeks sustainability throughout its processes, from sourcing of the raw material - to the forest – and ending with waste management.
With Cork, it is true that nothing is wasted... everything is utilised.

Social Responsibility

Piedade Group´s Social Policy begins in the forest, extends to production and ends with their customers, consumers and society in general.
In the forests, we are concerned with maintaining fair and cordial relationships with employees in the field and with the culture of the regions in which they operate. We base our operations on principles of sustainability, ensuring better collaboration with everyone involved.

At our production facilities, our policy is to guarantee that Workplace Safety, Hygiene and Health Systems are enforced.
At the same time we implement training policies and promote equal opportunities, as we believe that business is best done with satisfied people.

Our social concern extends to our customers, upon whom we are focused. Quality is what we seek to deliver, guided by ethics and respect in every business.
We strive for better integration into the communities where we operate; we promote delivering value to all the stakeholders and above all, respect our planet.