Products Range

We offer our customers a full range of cork stoppers, whether natural or technical, available in numerous sizes and shapes, in order to adapt to a wide range of bottles and all kinds of wines, spirits and other beverages.

Other Products

Piedade Group has been diversifying its product range. Constant concern to improve organization, production and control processes has resulted in products that effectively meet market requirements


Cork wood is stabilized for between 6 and 18 months after harvesting. Subsequently, the cork wood is carefully selected and prepared at the southern unit (Piedade Coruche) and finished at the natural cork unit (Piedade)
The Piedade Group uses the highest technology in boiling of the cork wood with water under constant filtration.


In the granulated cork range, Piedade Group offers several grain sizes and densities. Besides internal consumption, this range is also intended for other applications:
Production of technical Cork Stoppers
Production of agglomerated cork sheets and rolls.
Production of cork flooring
In construction, for acoustic and thermal insulation


Piedade Group offers high quality products in the range of Agglomerated Cork Sheets and Rolls to meet the market requirements and in accordance with the application:
Production of Memoboards
Production of Coasters
Cork Floor underlay
Expansion Joints